Create a Lasting Impact

Wings of Change's

projects aim to positively impact students, their families and the local community. One of our projects, Her Future, serves women and will offer training in organic farming, painting, handmade embroidery and tailoring as well as small business management. The project was borne out of the desire to harness the collective power of women to produce goods by using their own hands and responding to their needs for providing income opportunities that are stable and sustainable for their family’s needs. The Her Future will initiate small community projects to improve the lives of women and young girls.


Saadri is the latest initiative of Wings of Change, a non-profit organization located in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Under the umbrella of Wings of Change, Saadri aims to teach English to children in the villages from 3 years old to 15 years old and training them to become fully bilingual at the age of 15.

Saadri takes place in the villages and brings all the community children together along with their mother. We provide the opportunity to children to learn English and experience cultural exchanges with foreigners, whom they would never encounter otherwise. We offer the course to children and their mothers at no cost, to ensure that they can take advantage of the program.


Another project that we look forward to is beekeeping. Bees are very prominent in the island of Nosy Be, but the numbers are declining due to factors such as climate change, pesticides and loss of habitat. Wings of Change would like to prevent this decline in numbers by creating environmentally friendly hives to help preserve habitats for bees and their produce (honey) while generating a sustainable revenue stream for financially challenged families. We believe that as the beekeepers become financially empowered and more aware of sustainability, they will also turn into powerful advocates of the environment and their local communities.