Pathways with a 'WINGS' Twist

Wings of Change, the dynamic hub of creativity and education, is back with a fresh breeze of innovation and development. This time, the focus is on enhancing the campus and hotel experience, making it an even more welcoming and a unique destination. The WINGS team and students have been busy with their creative hands and brilliant minds, bringing to life several new additions and improvements that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

The journey begins with your first step in the campus. Thanks to the ingenious students, the pathways have received a remarkable transformation. To guide you on your way and to avoid slippery mishaps, they have embedded the word "WINGS" into the pathways using beautiful, locally-sourced shells. This not only adds a touch of artistry to the walk but also emphasizes the guiding principles of Wings of Change - to inspire and uplift.