About Wings of Change

The Wings of Change Association is a non-profit organization established in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Our organization has established in partnership with FONDATION SUISSE MADAGASCAR, a vocational hotel school that aims to provide financially challenged students with a practical and theoretical knowledge about the hotel industry, tourism development and selected languages. Our objective is to create access to work opportunities for unemployed youth and uplift their families and communities by breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

The Program

The Wings of Change Hotel School campus in Nosy Be is open to local youth between 18-26 years of age who are facing financial challenges. The program is fully funded, consisting of in-person and online sessions. Students are granted a certificate upon completion of a one-year program and supported in their professional endeavors thereafter.

18 -26

years old candidates


online and in-person program


a 1-year fully funded program


students qualified for English online courses


is a Hotel with Purpose. We custom-tailor packages which include activities benefiting local communities we operate in, by way of schools, clinics and digital programs delivered by global volunteers. Our mission is to educate underprivileged students and their families and allow them to take an active role in the protection and sustainable development of emerging markets.

Wings of Change Initiatives ______________


Uplifting tomorrow’s generation by providing a free interactive online English course to financially challenged students, to expand their language skills and confidence to move forward.


Teaches English to children aged 3-17 in villages, aiming for full bilingual proficiency by age 17.


Atelier de couture is specifically designed to teach young village girls to become professional dressmakers.


Empowers women in impoverished communities by teaching them English language, computers and providing micro-loans for small start-up projects.