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Fondation Suisse Madagascar (FSM)

Our main partner is the Fondation Suisse Madagascar (FSM) which has been very active in Nosy Be for over 25 years. The FSM made the infrastructure of our school available to us, allowing us to create a solid foundation for our current and future activities.

The Fondation Suisse Madagascar is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit development aid organization (NGO) based in Lugano.

Since 1993, the FSM has been actively engaged in targeted interventions, without impositions and without intermediaries, aimed at satisfying the basic needs of the inhabitants of Madagascar: health, education and the environment.

Recognized by the Malagasy state, thanks to an "Accord de siège", and by the Swiss Confederation, it carries out its business in Nosy Be, in numerous useful and concrete projects.

The values of solidarity and reciprocity deeply rooted in the Malagasy tradition constitute the theoretical and operational fulcrum of the Foundation's aims.

FSM's activity follows and complies with the sustainable development goals set in the UN 2030 Agenda.

Since 2014, FSM has been recognized as a member of the National Order of the Republic of Madagascar. Mascia Cantoni, now honorary president, and Fiorenzo Melera, resident delegate in Nosy Be, were appointed Knights of the National Order of Madagascar.