Enhancing Communication

Our digital program

on hospitality and tourism will be offered in partnership with Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP), a London-based educational non-profit entity whose mission is to help educate the employees of the future. Its focus is on the Travel & Tourism industry, the world’s fastest-growing industry, and on students in secondary and vocational schools.

Our goal

is to enlist 600 students in our digital program that has started in Nosy Be. This part of the program will be implemented soon in different cities in Madagascar.

Femme et Carrière

is a program dedicated to improving the lives of women and their families. It was borne out of the desire to harness the collective power of women to produce goods by using their own hands and responding to their needs by providing income opportunities that are stable and sustainable for their family’s needs.

This program works towards ending extreme poverty through entrepreneurship and innovation by facilitating micro financed small start-up projects. Through their hard-earned income, these women will invest back into their families and communities by contributing to the economic development and growth of their village as a whole.